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Expanded Access Policy


Expanded Access Policy

Cascadian Therapeutics is dedicated to the development of innovative therapies that can improve the lives and outcomes of cancer patients. From time-to-time, we receive requests for expanded access (also called "compassionate use") of our investigational drug, tucatinib. We evaluate requests for compassionate use on a case by case basis. Your treating physician should submit a request for compassionate use of tucatinib to . We anticipate that we will acknowledge receipt of your request within five business days.

We will evaluate the request for compassionate use and respond to the treating physician who submitted the request. As part of this evaluation, we expect to consider many factors, including the following:

  • Granting access will not interfere with current clinical trials or regulatory filings.
  • The patient does not qualify for any ongoing or planned clinical trials.
  • The request is made through a clinician expert in the therapeutic area who has weighed the benefit and risk of providing the investigational drug to the patient.
  • The patient has exhausted all other approved therapies that may help him/her.

We expect to periodically evaluate our program and will disclose information regarding our expanded access policy on our website at, including updating this website and policy with a hyperlink or other reference to the expanded access study on when that record becomes active. Please check in with us in the future for any updates.

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